Everybody Loves Westlake!

One reason our residents love living in Westlake is that our Town leadership loves serving in Westlake. Since 2009, under Mayor Wheat's leadership, the Town has retained ETC Institute, one of the country’s leading community-based market research firms, to conduct satisfaction surveys of Westlake residents.  The purpose of the surveys is to gather information that the Town Council and staff can use when making critical decisions concerning the allocation of resources, to measure the effectiveness of Town services, and to help decide the future direction of the community.  Surveys were conducted in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015.

To objectively measure the change in overall satisfaction with Town services from 2009, ETC developed a Composite Customer Satisfaction Index derived from ratings given all major categories of Town services assessed in the surveys.  This Composite Customer Satisfaction Index for Westlake has increased by 14 points since 2013 and 27 points since 2009!  

By comparison, the United States index decreased one point since 2013, with no change since 2009.  In 2015, the Town of Westlake set new satisfaction highs among all ETC clients in the areas of emergency preparedness efforts, communications, customer service and code enforcement.  

Among ALL of ETC clients, Westlake rated higher than any other city or town. 

Without question, these high scores are attributable to the customer centric focus that is at the heart of everything Laura does as Mayor, the Council does in its role, and the Town staff does  in theirs.  With no exceptions, everyone involved in the operation of the government of Westlake understands that they are public servants, and they approach their interactions with Westlake residents accordingly.  

Laura, the Town Council and Town staff work diligently to keep their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the Westlake community and to stay abreast of the issues with which our residents are concerned.  In 2009, the Texas Municipal League awarded Westlake the Municipal Excellence Award for our Transparent Government in Focus Program. The initiatives for which the Town were honored continue to this day.  Specifically, we hold neighborhood meetings regularly, distribute the Westlake Wire e-newsletter at least monthly, and the Town gives routine notice of all government meetings.  All material that the Mayor and Town Council receive is available on the Town’s website in advance of meetings (excluding materials that support items discussed in executive session).  

In 2014, Laura began hosting Monday Morning Coffee with the Mayor on the first Monday of each month.   These coffees give Westlake residents the opportunity to drop by and chat about all things Westlake in an informal atmosphere.