Mayor Wheat has well-rounded experience that has helped shape the Westlake of today and positions Westlake for the future.

Laura has served as Mayor since 2008 and during that time has developed a deep and broad understanding of how Westlake functions.  She has strong working relationships with the Town staff, Westlake Academy administration and the Town Council.  Working together, they have created the Westlake of today where residents enjoy miles of walking trails past nationally recognized corporate campuses and the highly sought after Westlake Academy.  

Laura has worked hard to help create for Westlake a thriving sense of place.  

Towards that end,  Westlake Entrada was conceived and has broken ground during Laura’s tenure.  This 85 acre mixed-use development located along the Highway 114 corridor will provide spaces for neighbors to open a business, dine together or share a cup of coffee.  Our community awaits, with great anticipation, the opening of the outdoor amphitheater that will be a defining feature of both Westlake Entrada and the Town of Westlake. 

Laura has advanced and maintains good working relationships with the developers who own property in Westlake.  

Mayor Wheat consistently strives to balance our community’s inevitable growth with the collective desire to remain an oasis amidst an ever-expanding urban landscape.  Under her leadership and with much input from the Westlake community, the Town Council adopted a Comprehensive Plan to fit with the vision defined by our community.  The Plan forms the underpinning of the Westlake of the future: continued high quality development with a focus on maintaining view corridors and open space.  Under the Comprehensive Plan, commercial development will occur where commercial development should – along the Highway 114 and 170 corridors.  The Plan focuses on commercial development in industry clusters, including the financial services industry.  The Comprehensive Plan will guide the current Town Council and councils of the future when faced with growth related issues.